Why Intermediate? This is because we do most of the work for you by providing the pre-cut boards for you (see below). You sill have to apply the finish to the raw boards, but we can give you some tips on that. 


Vertical Supreme Steel Murphy Hardware System  PLUS Pre-cut board.


Don't have the time, tools or skills to cut the boards? Let us do it for you. We will pre-cut the wood, bore the holes, edge band raw edges, sand, and prep for finish. The Alpha Spring system makes it even easier because of the supplied steel frame. No need to built the frame out of wood. To see how easy it is, check our ourFree Murphy Bed Plans

Mattress Size And Max. Thickness: 39" x 75" x 12"


1 - Mechanism
1 - Frame with Extended 13" Leg

All the boards that are required


*This product is custom built. Time to ship is 8-10 Weeks*


  • Twin  Vert. 44 1/2"w x 85 1/4"h x 16"d (Projection from wall 85")

    Full Vert. 59 1/2"w x 85 1/4"h x 16"d (Projection from wall 85")

    Queen Vert. 65 1/2"w x 90 1/4"h x 16"d (Projection from wall 90")

    King Vert. 81 1/2"w x 90 1/4"h x 16"d (Projection from wall 90")


    Twin Horiz. 80"w x 49 3/4"h x 16"d (Projection from wall 49")

    Full Horiz. 80"w x 65 3/4"h x 16"d (Projection from wall 64")

    Queen Horiz. 85"w x 70 3/4"h x 16"d (Projection from wall 70")

  • For a limited time we are doing free shipping to Zone 1 (See zone map).  All other places please contact us for shipping quote.  501-753-9699