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Contact Us or visit our showroom and shop:

WWBeds Custom Furniture

3524 Camp Robinson Road

North Little Rock, AR  72118



Store Hours

9am - 5pm Monday - Friday

At WWBeds Custom Furniture, we provide our customers high quality products at affordable prices.  We will work with you throughout every step of the process to ensure you get the look and style you want. 

Each custom designed piece is constructed with quality and function in mind.  This ensures your furniture will last and maintain its appearance for years.

Poggy's Kids is the sister company of WWBeds and focus on the Children's line of furniture.  We received so many requests and praises for our work, that we felt compelled to devote more resources toward our children's line. 


Chris Davis, 3rd generation builder and owner, personally does the designing and most of the building.  He is responsible for every custom designed piece of furniture that is produced at WWbeds.  Chris is the oldest son of the owner, Gary, and  has been in the family business for almost 25 years.  Chris is a graduate of the University of Central Arkansas at Conway and holds a bachelor's degree in business management.  He has taken courses in aircraft modification and installation, which have provided beneficial skills that he uses daily in his custom woodwork. 


Gary Davis is the  original owner. He operated under the name of Waterful Wonderbeds.  He has been in business for over 35 years.  He started producing furniture in his garage and has been manufacturing quality furniture since.  Prior to that he gained quality experience building aircraft interiors. 


Brian Davis is a very skilled craftsmen.  He is brought in to do high end projects.  His experience in aircraft has made him one of the best builders around.  He has worked on special projects for luxury companies, including Lexus.


Paul Davis has been with us since 1994.  He is an important part of the building team.  Along with his experience in building, Paul has become a very good color-match specialist.  His talent in the finishing department is second to none. 

Where are they now?


Jeff Davis-Jeff continues his woodworking experience, but has moved into building the interiors of high-end corporate aircraft


Larry Davis-Larry has moved to Springfield and works with Uhaul.


Curtis Davis-Curtis is still around town.  He is with ABF and has his own side business of home remodeling.

Photo of the original staff from 1979

WWBeds Custom Furniture

3524 Camp Robinson Road

North Little Rock, AR 72118


We give our customers exactly what they want without having to settle for pre-built pieces.  Why settle for a dresser that is too big or small or an entertainment center that is the wrong color?  We can build to your specifications and usually save you money along the way.



We have a full showroom to show off our craftsmanship.   We don't have everything on display that we have on this site, but enough to get a feel and see some example of this work.  



When we say "Buy straight from the manufacturer" we mean it.  We have a full production shop.  When you visit our showroom ask to take a peek or if you want to peek in from where you are sitting check out our live video feed on our Current Projects page. 

Chris Davis

Owner/Furniture Designer

Chris is 3rd generation furniture builder and has been working full time since 1992 (but been playing in the sawdust since 1984).  He took over the business in 2012.  

Gary Davis

Previous Owner

Gary is the founder and previous owner.  He gained his workworking knowledge buildling aircraft interiors.  He is still with WWBeds and handles things in the office and shipping.

Paul Davis

Furniture Builder/Color Specialist

Paul has been working with us since 1998 and has many talents including color match and finish.

Brian Davis

In-a-crunch Help

Brian has worked with us for several years. He is currently working on aircraft interiors.  We bring him in as needed for large project or to get caught up. 

Patty Davis


Patty helps in all parts of the business.  She takes care of the task that would normally take time away from the other staff. 

Katelyn Davis

Office Assistant

Katelyn is Chris' daughter. Her nickname is Jellybean. She works on the website, helps at the front desk and answers the phones. She is AWESOME.

Seth Mcghee


Seth recently started working here after school. He is a big help in the shop!

Lou Scott

Everything As Needed

Lou helps with a little of everything from Website Editing to taking pictures.  She also makes sure Chris is fed. 

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How do I use the Buy Now and Pay Later Option?
When we have agreed on what you want and your are ready to move forward, I'll send you an invoice through PayPal.  You choose that option upon checking out.  See PayPal for more informaion.  Since I have to invoice everything at the same time, we will not split the payment with 20% down and balance due upon completion as we do with Credit Cards.
Do you have references?
I'm sure some of my customers wouldn't mind.  I would have to contact them first to make sure it is alright.  I do have a collection on what some of my customers are saying about us (Customer Testimonials ).  We have also had some news media do stories on us. (Arkansas Democrat Gazette , Did You Know Channel 4, Today's THV Channel 11)  Here are some projects and comments some fellow woodworkers have made on some of my projects at Lumber Jocks.
How does this process work?
Once you have an idea of what you want, send us a quote request.  We have two types of quotes our standard quote form and one geared for our murphy beds (click here for Murphy bed quote).  Once the information is sent, I'll send you a very detailed quote explaining everything and with a break-down of the price.  Emails can then go back and forth if needed.  When you are ready to order we require 20% down with the balance due before we ship. 
What is custom furniture?  
Custom furniture is any item that we build custom for a particular customer.  These can be items ranging from a simple end table to an elaborate bedroom suite.  With custom furniture you pick the size, color, style, wood choice, and hardware.  Some of the items may catch our attention and we will turn them into production items, but that doesn't mean that all pieces will be stamped out like a cookie cutter.  Each time I build one I will change something to improve its price, style, or the way it functions.
How long does it take to get something built?
Depending on the current schedule, most of the time it takes 6-8 weeks.  The actually building of most projects takes a week or less to build.  The rest of the time is for scheduling the project.  Rush orders are available at an additional charge.  If you need a current lead time or a rush quote, let us know by using our quote form.  We have our Murphy Wall Beds geared up for production.  The current lead time is 10-13 weeks. (Updated on 11/16/18).
What is your cancellation policy? 
Since our items are custom cancellation can be made as long as no labor or material has been used.  We will do everything in our ability to refund the amount paid in minus those charges.  If we are well into the building process or if it is complete, we can attempt to sell the item for you on our site.  Note: we would like to discount it to help it move faster and for you to get your refund faster.  This may make your refund a little less.  We'll work out all the details with you before anything is sold. 
What is your return policy? 
Since most of our items are custom made, there are no returns on our custom work. We pride ourselves in having the highest quality furniture and will grantee our product to be free from any workmanship problems.
What type of wood do you use? 
We mainly use oak, maple, pine, and MDF.  Even though these are our most popular, we can use any species that you want.  We can even get exotic woods.  We have built desks out of Tamo Ash from Japan and Burl Walnut.  Alder, Cherry, and ash have been popular lately.  We are not limited to anything. See a few samples on our wood link.
How are items priced? 
Every project is priced on an individual basis to get the best current pricing.  When you email a quote form we will figure the cost of material, labor and, if needed, shipping.  This is a no obligation quote, and we will stand behind the quote for 15 days.  After that time the quote will have to be resubmitted to compensate for changes in costs.  Some items, unless noted in the quote or offer, are standard.  Such as, allowing $2.50 per drawer for hardware.  If you choose a higher priced pull, the difference is charged.  We will give you as much information as possible during the offer.  Items listed on our web site are priced as shown.  Minwax stains can be substituted at no additional charge. See our We can match a custom paint or stain for an additional charge of $50 per color.
What are your stock colors?  
We use Minwax stains.  We do this because samples are available in most "Home Stores"  or see our Color Page.  The colored lacquers stocked include our baseball Blue and Green, Racecar Red, and Barbie Pink.
If a true sample is needed, contact us and we will send one out to you.
What about shipping?  
On smaller items and even our baseball bed we use transport companies such as UPS or DHL.  The larger items require larger freight companies.  To keep the shipping cost down, we quote on an individual basis to your zip code.  This way we can compare prices from many companies.  UPS and DHL regularly ship to your front door.  Most of the time freight companies will not deliver to your door without an additional fee (usually $60-$100).  If needed we could arrange home delivery with an installation service (we are currently working on this).  When you send your quote form be sure to inform us of your delivery and shipping preference. IMPORTANT:  Upon delivery, be sure to inspect each box and note any damage before the shipping company leaves.
How do we handle shipping damage? 
Although we box and skid our items very well, damage can occur. It is rare but it can happen.  If this happens make sure damaged is marked on the ticket and call us ASAP.  When the item leaves our dock it moves into your position, but we help you with the paper work and get the process moving on repair or replacement of the pieces.  (See customer testimonial about shipping damage)
How can I check the status of my item?  
Please feel free to email me if the date is not current and I will be glad to bring you up to date.  We also have a Current Projects link to show you exactly what we are working on each day.
Can you build a project from a picture? 
We can, but due to copyright laws will not build it exactly as pictured.  If you like that furniture the way it is then we suggest that you purchase it directly from that source.  However if it is a picture of something in a design book, a friend's photo, or something similar to what you want, then we can use that picture as inspiration.  We can also use pictures of furniture that you already have to get the style or theme.  Send any pictures that will be helpful in the design process to
Do you issue refunds?  

The craftsmen at and take pride in our furniture.  We inspect all furniture before it is shipped.  If you are not satisfied with a product will will gladly work with you to make it right.  See more info on custom work Refund policy.
Do you do drawings?  
Yes, we do, but on quotes I usually will not send them, because of the time involved.  If you require one I could send a quick hand sketch to help with your decision.  On most cabinets, I can do a computer drawing and place it in a room setting.  For this service, we require a $60 down payment, which will be applied to the cost of your furniture.
Can I see Items you've built in the past?
Yes, every picture that I display on the Current Projects link is saved on our Picture Archives page.  There you will find thousands of picture dating back to 2002.  Look through those and if one catches your attention, copy the address and email it to me at 
On your live video, how do I know if your working on my project?
Projects can be confusing in their beginnings stages.  I try to post what I am working on in my video feed and on the website.  Most of the time under the video screen will be a short description of the project I'm working on.  You can subscribe to my twitter feed to be informed automatically.
How do I pick pulls and hardware? We carry a full line of hardware you can choose from.  If you prefer, you can supply us with the hardware and we'll install it at no additional charge (contact us for quantity and if there is any restrictions on your choice).  Hardware Page


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