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Light on Gothic face Murphy bed


Inset Lights

Inset lights can be added to most any Murphy bed.  The Inset version is only seen when the bed is open. 

More information

2 lights (standard) $225

3 lights (option)      $285

Murphy bed inset lights

Bookcase Lights

Out bookcases lights add a great accent look to the project.  They can be tied in to the Outset lights or run independently if the bed has inset lights. 

More information

Cost $60/light

2nd Switch if needed $50

Bookcase Lights for murphy bed

Headboard Charging Shelf and Outlet

Add a shelf to the headboard and adding a charging.  This are great if you need a 110v plug or USB-C for you phone. 

More information 

Cost $200  (White or Black)

Outlet added to a murphy bed headboard

Bookcase Charging Stations

Charging stations added to the bookcases.  These are great if you need a 110v plug or USB-C for you phone.

More information 

Cost $100 each (White or Black)

Electrical outlet  charging station in bookcase

Door Light Switch

Use for when there is a light behind a door.  The best way to control the light is to switch it with the door opening. 

Cost $60 each 

1218-1023 Door Open

Outset Lights

Outset Lights are similar to the inset version but move to the outside and used whenever the bed it open or closed.  Great to use with a desk or sofa

More information

2 lights (standard) $225

3 lights (option)      $285

Outset Murphy bed lights

Glass shelves

A great addition when there are bookcase lights. The glass shelves allow the light to shine down to the lower shelves. 

Cost $75 per shelf

Glass shelves in a Murphy Bed bookcase

Glass shelves with Wood Front

Similar to the normal glass shelves but we add a solid wood front to the shelf. This give is a wood look and still allows the light to shine through each shelf. 

Cost $85 per shelf

1519-0124 Hickory Barn Murphy Glass Shelves

Under Desk Charging Stations

Charging station added under the Murhy bed desk.  Normally this one will have two 110v outlets and one standard USB. 

More information

Cost $100 each (White or Black)

Outlet under a Murphy bed desk

Soft Close Drawer Rails

These are the side mount full extension rails with a soft close feature.  Once a drawer is closed within a inch from closing, the rails grabs and slowly take over. Keeps them from slamming.

Cost $20 each drawer

Soft close rails for Murphy bed bookcase

Printer Pullout

Adding a printer pullout in a side cabinet. Most of the time they are added to a mid-door section, but can be added most places. 

Cost: $50/ea.

Printer in a murphy bed cabinet

File Drawers

Upgrade your drawer to file drawers.  We make the drawer box to accommodate hanging file folders.  No need for the bulky wire racks. 

Cost $40 per drawer upgrade

Hanging File Folders in a Murphy bed bookcase

Drawer Locks

Add keyed locks to drawers. We normally key all your drawer alike. If you'd each side keyed differently let us know. 

Cost $50 per lock (Cabinet Locks)

Silver drawer locks on murphy bed

Standard Style Base

We have a lot of different styles of Base molding, but the Standard Style is by far our most liked. See other styles

Cost $200

Base molding for Murphy bed

Upper Bookcase

Have some extra space on top? Add an upper bookcase. For a vertical bed you'll need 9' or taller.  Horizontal beds will work with 8' ceilings. We can build them with or without doors. 

Cost varies depending on configuration 

Upper bookcase on top of a Murphy bed

Soft Close Doors

Similar to the Soft Close for the drawers. It softens the closing of the doors to prevent slamming. 

Cost $10 each door

Soft Close hinges for Murphy bed bookcase

Wardrobe Hanging Rod

Need hanging space?  Add a rod in the side cabinets.  Recommended for 17 7/8" depth cabinet or deeper. Also recommended that the section be covered by a door. 

$50 per Hanging Bar

Hanging Rod in wardrobe

Component Drawer

Normally a larger drawer used to hold a component like a shredder or trash can. 

Price varies. Ask Sales Rep.

123-1023 White Murphy Shredder

Standard Style Crown

We have a lot of different styles of top molding, but the Standard Style is by far our most liked. See other styles

Cost $275

Crown molding for the top of the Murphy bed

Inset Bookcases

These are needed for a sofa (for the dead space for the arms), but can be used with any bed.  

Cost $500 each ($1000/pair)

Small inset bookcases on a Murphy bed

Two-Tone Color

Why stick with one color. We can build your bed using an accent color.  Maybe one section painted and another stained. 

Cost varies depending on configuration 

Two colors on a Murphy bed desk
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