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Murphy Desk (Fold Up)

This series of desk can be added to most styles.  They can be folded up and out of the way


We raised this one up to bar height and made it a little wider.  


Interested?  Follow the link above for more information and a price break-down.

Murphy bed with a bar height desk
Wall bed shown with the desk closed up

Similar to the Hudson Bay style but added a desk.  This desk is standard height of 29" but can make it bar height as some examples. 

Walnut murphy bed with a folding desk. Shown down.
Wall bed shown with the desk closed up in Walnut

A Murphy bed with a hidden desk that double folds to make a 31" x 81 1/2" desk.

Other styles Customer's have enjoyed!
Murphy bed with desk folded out
Murphy bed in the sideways position
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