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Murphy Inset Desk

This series of desk actually folds into the inner frame of the desk and is hidden.  The desk looks like the doors and drawers on the face.   All inset desk use the Create-a-bed mechanism which is the piston driven mechanism. 

NOTE: Murphy Beds with an Inset Desk are not offered in King Size

This is a version of our Craftsman sytle but in white.  With the same flat panel doors, this folding desk murphy bed has a real nice  and clean look to it. 

Murphy wall bed shown with the desk open
Murphy wall bed shown with the bed closed up.

Most of our Inset Desk style can be changed into an  83" long desk. Here are a few examples of that Double Fold version. 

138-0124 Christy Desk_edited.jpg
138-0124 Christy Closed_edited.jpg

This is a inset desk version inspired by the designer Frank Lloy Wright and finished in Classic Gray


Desk measures 54" x 31"

Murphy wall bed shown with the desk open
Murphy wall bed shown with the bed closed up.

The New Yorker features doors with applied molding and a bookcase above the Murphy bed.  It can be sold with out a hidden desk or with both the standard desk and the double fold. 


More Info on New Yorker Murphy Bed

New Yorker murphy bed Inset Desk closed
New Yorker Murphy bed with double fold desk down.

A Murphy bed with a hidden desk that double folds to make a 31" x 81 1/2" desk.

Gray Murphy bed with folding desk
Gray Murphy bed with folding desk down

This is a contemporary version of our Double fold desk. Great for Craft Rooms, Offices, or Tiny homes. 


Desk measures 81" x 31"

Contemporary Murphy bed with the hidden desk down
Contemporary Murphy bed with hidded desk closed.

Can you see it?  One of our most popular versions.  This one is totally concealed into the face of the bed.


Need more information on this one?  Click on the link above to take you to Smithsonian page. 

Smith Raised Panel Murphy bed closed with bookcases.
Smith Raised Panel Murphy bed with inset desk

This is another totally concealed version in the Craftsman style.  Some would call it Mission style or even Shaker style if built from Maple wood. 

Craftsman Inset desk Murphy bed folded up.
Craftsman Murphy Bed Inset desk . Bed up, desk down.

This is a twin version of the craftsman using Maple wood. Maple gives it more of a shaker look. 

The Twin Shaker
Murphy bed inset desk with desk down
Twin Murphy bed with inset desk closed.
Other styles Customer's have enjoyed!
Murphy bed in the sideways position
Murhy bed with sofa
Murphy bed with desk folded out
Murphy bed open with corner desk
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