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St. Louis Locker Murphy

Cardinals Bed Closed

Cardinals Bed Closed

This is the bed shown closed. It is a two panel face for the bed. If you are wanting smaller bookcases, a three panel face will work better.

Cardinals bed open

Cardinals bed open

Shown with the bed open and showing the scoreboard headboard. The scoreboard is totally customized by what you want.

Yankee Locker Bed

Yankee Locker Bed

Not Cardinals but showing the 3 panel face for the bed section and 2 for bookcases. This is better if you are needing saller bookcases.

Headboard Option

Headboard Option

Not Cardinals, but showing another option. Just do a flat headboard with no logo or scoreboard.

Headboard Options

Headboard Options

Not Cardinals but showing another option for the headboard. Keep the arch shape and do a logo.

Get started in seconds!

Now available in King

Add $400 to any queen price

The is a murphy wall bed desinged with a locker theme.  This one has the St. Louis theme but any team is avaliable.  The two center doors are false and come down with the bed.  The outer bookcases are actual working bookcases. 


This one shown has a two panel face.  This make for wider bookcases.  If you are need some smaller bookcases then, we can make this with a 3 panel face. 


Full size width with 29"  bookcases is 118 (9' 10")

Full size center only is 60"


Queen size width with 32"  bookcases is 108 (10' 10")

Queen size center only is 66"


Price as shown full size: $4815 with bookcases

(Queen $4865)

Bed only (no bookcases) $3215 full/$3265 Queen


Price is for the main picture in the gallery to the right.  Mouse over other pictures for additional pricing or discription

Since we are totally custom, next step is to confirm the price.

Take note of the style and features you may want.

Here is a break-down of the price

Size: 85 1/4"h x 117 1/2"w x 16"d  Projection 85"

Base price in full                   $1900

finish upcharge                     $490 (one custom color

Locker Graphics                   $400 (2 panel face)(3 panel $500)

Baseball headboard             $200

Bookcases 29" ($800 each)  $1600 (all shelves)(32" for Queen)

Murphy bed lights system     $225

As shown                               $4815 (Queen $4865)


Bed w/o bookcases will bed $3215 for full ($3265 queen)



Add drawers in bookcase $45 each (suggest 2 in each)
Custom Color                      $50

Colors: Red and White (both stock colors)

Other stock colors includ: Baseball Blue, Baseball Green, White, Black, Red and Gray


Custom Colors Availiable.  We have all the team colors.  If you would like a specific color for your team there will be a $50/color, color charge. 

Murphy Bed Sizes (Upright/Vertical version)

Twin:     85 1/4"h x 44 1/2"w x 16"d  Projection 85"

Full:       85 1/4"h x 59 1/2"w x 16"d  Projection 85"

Queen: 90 1/4"h x 65 1/2"w x 16"d  Projecion 90"

King:     90 1/4"h x 81 1/2"w x 16"d  Projection 90"


Theses sizes are figured on the center section without any extra Crown/Top molding added.  

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