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Covert Sliding Bookcase Headboard

Secret Hidden Gun Storage Headboard

Secret Hidden Gun Storage Headboard

Headboard designed to hide handguns, money or rifle. Has 40" of space to hide an AR-15.

Hidden Compartment Headboard

Hidden Compartment Headboard

Bonus: Two sliding drawers with false fronts that pull out from the side.

Hidden Compartment Headboard 2

Hidden Compartment Headboard 2

Grain on the gun storage door is continuous to make it even more concealed.

Hidden gun Bookcase Headboard

Hidden gun Bookcase Headboard

With pillows in place, nobody would even think of looking for the hidden door.

Gun storage compartment secure

Gun storage compartment secure

Hidden gun storage shown closed with lock.

AR-15 in Hidden Compartment

AR-15 in Hidden Compartment

Secret headboard door open showing the AR-15

Hidden handgun drawers.

Hidden handgun drawers.

The hand gun hidden drawers pulled out.

Video of how it works:

Headboard designed with a locking hidden space for your guns money or other valuables. In the base of the headboard is a lockable space. It is Covert Headboard


Sometime concealment is the best protection. If a thief doesn't know somethings there then they don't know to take it. That is what we've done with this headboard. We like to call this style headboard the Covert Sliding Bookcase Headboard.


Secure in several ways. 
1. Hidden behind the pillows.
2. Grain lines up to make less noticeable. 
3. Lock on the hidden door.
4. False panels on both side for concealed drawers


Future Design Ideas

Most of our projects are designed for specific customers and sometimes we don't get to just make something for the fun of it, so here are a few ideas we'd like customers to choose in future projects (Just ask for a quote on one of these features)


-RFID lock that unlocks the compartment with an FOB to open

-Thicker dividers between the 3 compartments that open to revile enough room for money or handgun storage (Since the sliding doors will cover the divider at all times it would be hard to tell how thick it is)


Features of our example:

Wood type: Oak Wood

Color: Special Walnut


Remember this is custom and can change any one of these features for you custom bed.


Pricing (all prices do not include shipping)

King Headboard Only    $799  (Compartment is 40"w x 8"d x 7 1/4"h)

Queen Headboard Only $699 (Compartment is 30"w x 8"d x 7 1/4"h)

Full Headboard only       $649 (Compartment is 20"w x 8"d x 7 1/4"h)

Twin Headboard only     $599 (Compartment is 15"w x 8"d x 7 1/4"h)


This is a custom product and openings can be adjusted for you configuration. Contact one of our staff for more information 501-753-9699


NOTE: Any of our Drawer Platfom beds can be used with this headboard. For more information on those see Drawer Platforms

Get started in seconds!

Since we are totally custom, next step is to confirm the price.

Colors: Shown here on oak.  Other woods may have a differnt shade and grain to them.  Ask for a sample if needed.


Custom Colors Availiable.  We can match a drawer, shelf or anything else.  Contact us for more details. 

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