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Gallery Wall Beds

What is the Gallery Series?

Our Gallery Series of Murphy beds uses the spring system with a Metal frame.  We use two typs of systems at WWBeds.  The Spring and Piston.

What are the Advantages of the Spring (Gallery Series)?


Clean Look!

With the spring system, all the mechanism is below the mattress level and is hidden from direct view.  


Saves you money!

The frame that holds the mattress is metal. The face and cabinet componants are still wood.  With it being metal that is one less part we have to build it and saves us and therefor the customer both time and Money.


Increased Height!

We are excited because it changes how we build our sofas that match up with our bed.  This also raises the finished height with the mattress so our customers have a little more height on their bed. 


You'll start seeing a lot of our murphy beds using this system.  Here are just a few.

Murphy bed with stay level desk
Murphy bed with sofa
Mission style oak murphy bed with bookcases
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