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Murphy bed Moldings


Use these on any of our Murphy beds.  By changing or adding Top or base molding you can change the style of your murphy bed

Top Molding
Large crown molding for murphy bed
Large Crown 5 1/2"
Flat contemporary style murphy bed molding
Flat Contemporary
Standard crown for the top of murphy wall beds
Standard Crown
Mission style crown for murphy beds
Mission Crown
Basic overhang molding for the top of murphy wall beds
Basic Overhang

Large Crown: Measures 5 1/2" diagonally.  Larger than our standard crown and great for larger projects especially those with upper bookcases added.


Standard Crown: Measures 3 1/4".  Give a piece a more traditional look to it.


Mission Crown: Similar to the standard crown with a flat surface.  Perfect for a mission look (using oak) or Shaker (using maple or painted)


Basic Overhang:  Small trim that overhangs about 3/4".  It has an ogee profile and is perfect for those that want add some visual interest without a lot of expense.

Flat Contemporary: Fits flat on the header and measures 2 1/4".  Perfect for that contemporary look.

Base Molding
Standard base molding for murphy wall beds
Standard Base
Mission style base molding for the murphy wall beds
Basic base molding added to the front of murphy wall beds
Mission Base
Basic Base
Flat Contemporary Base
Contempory base molding added to murphy bed
2 1/4" base molding added to the face of a murphy bed.
2 1/4 Inset Base

Standard Base: Measures 5".  Give a piece a more traditional look to it.  It has the exact profile of the large crown. Suggested use with Standard and Large Crown. 


Mission Base: Flat with a 45 degree edge on the top and a slight arch on the bottom. Perfect for a mission look (using oak) or Shaker (using maple or painted) Suggested use with Mission Crown.


Basic Base:  Flat trim uses the same profile as the Basic Overhang.  Suggested use with Basic Overhang. 


2 1/4 Inset Base: Measures 2 1/4" high and sits flush with the murphy bed face.  Suggest use Flat Contemporary Top Molding or without any molding at all.  Another suggestion is have us modify the top and side to the same 2 1/4" as used on the Manhattan Murphy Bed.


Flat Contemporary Base: Similar to the Basic Base but without a profile on the top edge. Suggest use with Flat Contemporary Top Molding.

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