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Brooklyn Nets Locker Murphy Bed

Baseketball Murphy Closed Nets

Baseketball Murphy Closed Nets

Shown installed in the customer's house.

Baseketball Murphy Closed

Baseketball Murphy Closed

Both the Knicks and Nets Locker in the same room.

Baseketball Murphy Open

Baseketball Murphy Open

Both beds shown open.

Baseketball Murphy Goal

Baseketball Murphy Goal

Goal on the other side of the room.

Nets Locker Murphy Bed Closed

Nets Locker Murphy Bed Closed

Shown closed up. The outside of this bed looks like a pair of lockers.

Nets Locker Face

Nets Locker Face

Close up of the locker faced.

Brooklyn Nets Locker Bed Open

Brooklyn Nets Locker Bed Open

The murphy bed shown open showing the custom headboard. Customer supplies info for layout.

Now available in King

Add $400 to any queen price

This is our Locker Muprhy bed desinged to look like a Brooklyn Nets Locker.  Shown in a twin size.  Other teams, themes, colors and sizes aviliable.


Your team?

Contact us to design one for your team.


Price as shown twin size: $3285 (with lights)


Price is for the main picture in the gallery to the right.  Mouse over other pictures for additional pricing or description

Colors: White (stock color) and Custom Gray

Other stock colors includ: Baseball Blue, Baseball Green, White, Black, and Gray


Custom Colors Availiable.  We have all the team colors.  If you would like a specific color for your team there will be a $50/color, color charge. One custom color was figured in the price above

Quick Quote (if you need to include more details use our Quote Form.

Here is a break-down of each twin bed

Base price in twin                 $1850

finish upcharge                     $590

    (standard finish $490 + 1 custom color $100)

Murphy bed lights system    $225 LED

Locker Graphics                   $300 (2 panel face)

Nets Logo ($35 ea.)              $70

Scoreboard Headboard       $250

Total for twin (as shown)       $3285



Custom Entertainment Center $900
Additional Custom Color           $100 (one stock and one custom figure above)

Since we are totally custom, next step is to confirm the price.

Take note of the style and features you may want.

Get started in seconds!

Murphy Bed Sizes (Upright/Vertical version)

Twin:     85 1/4"h x 44 1/2"w x 16"d  Projection 85"

Full:       85 1/4"h x 59 1/2"w x 16"d  Projection 85"

Queen: 90 1/4"h x 65 1/2"w x 16"d  Projecion 90"

King:     90 1/4"h x 81 1/2"w x 16"d  Projection 90"


Theses sizes are figured on the center section without any extra Crown/Top molding added.  

Your details were sent successfully!

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