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Seattle Seahawks Murphy Bed

Seahawks Closed

Seahawks Closed

Seahawks Closeup

Seahawks Closeup

Seahawks Closed Side

Seahawks Closed Side

Seahawks Open

Seahawks Open

Seahawks Proof

Seahawks Proof

The proof that was sent to the customer before we applied the graphics.

Seahawks door

Seahawks door

Our inspiration for the stripes on the lockers.

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Since we are totally custom, next step is to confirm the price.

Available in Vertical

Subtract $200 from queen price

The is a murphy wall bed desinged with a locker theme.  This one is in a Seattle Seahawks theme, but others team are available.  The locker doors come down to form the bed.  Bookcases can be added in any amount. This example is shown with only one bookcase



This bed is different then all our other version in that it opens side ways. 



We can divide the face the number of doors you like.  We found that 4 as shown here is a good size for the Horizontal version.  We divide the face panels with a contrasting color to acentuate the locker doors


The face has locker vents and is numbered. We also added names on each locker. Let us know what you want on there and we'll put it on there for you.  Another unique feature on this version was the stripes at the bottom  



No bookcases shown here but we can add them.  A 21" wide bookcase will keep that same door with and continue the locker.  Add as many as you'd like.  Add a couple drawers at the bottom add $45/drawer. 

Take note of the style and features you may want.

Here is a break-down of the price

Base price in Queen Horizontal $2150

finish upcharge                          $590 ($490 base + $100 custom colors)

Locker Face                               $500 (4 panel face)

Seahawks Logo upcharge        $100 ($25/door)

Added strips on the bottom      $100

Total (plus shipping)                 $3440 



Murphy bed lights system              $225 LED NEW

21"w Bookcases/Side Lockers        $700 ea.


To keep all door width the same 21" bookcase is a perfect size for the Queen Horizontal

Colors: White (stock color) and Red Sox Red (custom color)

Other stock colors includ: Baseball Blue, Baseball Green, White, and Black


Custom Colors Availiable.  We have all the team colors.  If you would like a specific color for your team there will be a $50/color, color charge. 

Video of Red Sox Murphy Bed
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