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Templeton Murphy Bed with Sofa

This is a murphy bed that was custom designed and built by the craftsmen of WWBeds Custom Furniture. We call this one the Templeton Murphy Bed.

The Templeton is characterized by the unique door design. The bed will consist of a shaker style door design on maple wood. We could achieve more of a Craftsman or Mission style if oak wood was used.

The bookcases built for this bed has a standard 12 inch deep upper section. On the bottom half of the bookcase, we did something a little different. We brought it out to 24 inches. This gave us a little more surface area on that mid-shelf. We also added a pull out drink tray that extends the surface area a little farther out. More on Murphy bed Bookcases

Another great addition to this Templeton Murphy Bed is the sofa that we put in front of the bed section. What's cool about the sofa is the cushions can be removed and the bed can be used without having to move the frame.

If you notice on the inside, to get the dead space for the sofa arms we built some inset bookcases and turned those bookcases towards the inside. There's also a charging station on both sides so you can charge your cell phone, plug in an alarm clock, etc.

For the lighting system there's also a three stage touch dimmer. We have the low, medium, high and then off again by touching the middle of the headboard. The lights will also automatically shut off when the bed is closed, as a safety feature. More on the Murphy Bed Lights

More information on our Sofa Murphy bed follow this link: Sofa Murphy Beds

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