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Thank you for the Quote Request


Your information has been received by our staff for your Muprhy bed and will be reviewed shortly.


Due to all the links that I put in the quotes, your email quote could end up in your spam folder.  If you don't receive it soon, check there or call me at 501-753-9699.


Here is how the process will work

  • One of our designers will send an email quote

    • We may email back and forth a few times to iron our the details

    • At anytime call us at 501.753.9699 fi you want to talk direct.

  • ​Once we agree on the design we send an invocie and will instruct you to call us up to put the $400 down.

  • When we finish, we will send a picture of your completed project

    • ​After your approvial and final payment we will ship it out to you.


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