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Thank you for requesting a quote


Thank you for submitting your information regarding your custom Murphy bed. Our team has received it, and we will promptly review the details.

Please be aware that due to the many links in our email, there is a possibility that our email quote might end up in your spam folder. If you do not receive it shortly, kindly check your spam folder or reach out to us directly at 501-753-9699.  It should be coming from

Here is an overview of the upcoming process:

  1. One of our designers will send you an email quote.

  2. We may engage in few back and forth emails to finalize the design details. Feel free to call us directly at 501-753-9699 if you prefer direct communication during this process

  3. Once the design is agreed upon, we will send you an invoice and a way to pay your $400 deposit. 

  4. As we get closer to the due date.  You will receive a drawing packet with several three-dimensional, scale drawing.  Here in an example

  5. Upon completion, we will provide 5-10 pictures of your finished project.  Here is what we finished this week. See Current Projects

  6. After your approval and the final payment, we will proceed with shipping it out to you.


We appreciate your collaboration and look forward to creating the perfect Murphy bed for you. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us by email or (501) 753-9699.


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