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If you are ready to get the this process going, all you need is your $400 deposit. This will get you on our schedule (currently 4-6 weeks on most Murphy Beds)

Frequently Asked Questions

Quote → Deposit → Scheduling → Build → Final Approval → Shipping



What if we don't have all the particulars worked out? That’s fine. We can still work out the details over the coming weeks.  Making your deposit get you on our schedule.


Do I need an order number or something to link to my quote? No, we’ll link your deposit to your quote using your email and name. After we receive it we will put everything in an official invoice including your deposit and email it to you.  


What if I change my mind and want to cancel? You have 7 days to change your mind. After that we will start purchasing material and building your bed. If you do cancel we will refund the full $400 deposit.


I thought you do a 20% deposit? We do on other products and we did on the murphy beds in the past. We wanted to simplify the process with the $400 deposit program.


How do I make the final payment? We were are finished we will set your bed up in our showroom and take some pictures for your approval.  If all look good, we can take your credit card payment over the phone or send out a Paypal invoice if using the 6 months same as cash.


I’d rather talk to someone. Can’t I just call my credit card in over the phone? Yes, that will be fine. Call us at 501.753.9699.  


Deposit FAQ
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