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Horizontal Euro Murphy Bed

Horizontal Euro with Bookcase

Horizontal Euro with Bookcase

This murphy bed turned sideways with corner bookcase.

Horizontal Euro Open.

Horizontal Euro Open.

Here shown that sideways murphy bed open.

Euro Horizontal Oak

Euro Horizontal Oak

Sideways murphy bed in queen with side workstation.

Euro with upper bookcases

Euro with upper bookcases

We put bookcase both on the side and the top.

White Horizontal Euro

White Horizontal Euro

The horizontal (sideways) Euro in white.

Horizontal Euro Chalkboard

Horizontal Euro Chalkboard

We added a chalkboard to the face and a corner unit.

Horizontal Euro with Chalkboard

Horizontal Euro with Chalkboard

Another chalkboard version with bookcase.

Horizontal  Euro with Blocks

Horizontal Euro with Blocks

Started out as our Euro style, Customer wanted us to add some extra blocks for artistic interest. Clean contemporary design. Shown in full. Full Euro 1965 Add blocks $100 Total $2065

Now available in King

Add $200 to any queen price

This horizontal (sideways) murphy wall bed is Characterized by the long leg across the face.  Instead of having two separate legs it just has the one. .  


We built sever style of this over the years including bookcase on both the side and top.    



The bookcase shown in the main pictures has doors for storage, Place for TV or monitor, and a pull out work station.  A desk pull out of one of the drawer and then a keyboard tray pulls out.


Corner Cutout

With the wasted pace in the corner where the bookcase and Murphy Wallbed meet we've  cut out the vertical and put in a shelf.


Price as shown full size: $4715

(Queen $4765) (Twin $4665)



Here is a break-down of the price

Full Base Price              $2100 (Unfinished Oak, Maple, or Paint-Grade)

Euro Face                      $325

Add Base Molding       $150

Finish Upcharge           $490 (Any of our Standard Finishes)

Corner unit                   $600 (with vertical cutout)

Large bookcase           $1050 (44" with pullout work station)

Total                              $4715 Full (Queen $4765)

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Since we are totally custom, next step is to confirm the price.

Take note of the style and features you may want.

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