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New Yorker (no desk)

This is a Murphy bed style that we have built a few times. The New Yorker typically features a desk that folds out of the front. The customer liked the overall look, but did not have a need for the desk. What the customer did have a need for was cabinet space.

To help meet this need, we added bookcases on the sides. The size of the bookcases were carefully chosen to equal the four section face of the murphy bed. This kept a consistent 14 1/2" width doors across the face and bookcases. Care was also taken with the upper cabinet. We took advantage of the customer's high ceilings and added cabinets above the bed and bookcases. Instead of just subdividing the cabinet into 6 equal spaces, we made sure they aligned with the lower doors.

During the showroom final assembly, we didn't have the ceiling height to fully assemble the bed, so you may see some pictures without the upper bookcases. With the unique way I build the crown, I was able to show the shorter version with the crown on it as well. To make installation as easy as possible, I built the crown molding to fit as a cap and it installed without any fasteners.

Why is this called the New Yorker? I'm glad you asked. We called this Murphy bed style the New Yorker because we sent the first one to New York. Actually we sent it to comedian Jim Gaffigan's house (excuse the shameless name-dropping). The New Yorker we built for Mr. Gaffigan had a double fold desk that came out 80" from the face. Photos of that bed can be seen by clicking the New Yorker Murphy bed link below.

More info on Products Shown Here:


New Yorker Installed

Murphy Bed showing cabinet space

Murphy bed open

Showroom install without top bookcase

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