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Home office to Guest Room in One Minute

A highly underused space in a home is the guest bedroom. How many times does it get used a year? Maybe a handful of times? With cost to build a home averaging about $150 per square foot according to Home Adviser, that is a lot of waste. What if you could dual purpose that room? Home Office most of the time and Guest Room when needed.

This is a Murphy bed that I completed in January 2016. It is made from Walnut wood (great video on walnut facts) This one has a desk on the front of it. Unlike some of the desk we’ve built this is a hidden desk and folds out perpendicular. The desktop is 31” by about 52” on this queen size.

More on the Desk Murphy Beds

To use the desk, you must clear off the desk. The desk lifts up and locks into place. If you notice the face is flush across the top. It actually folds into the inner frame. We are one of the only companies that do this. Most fold up desks, give the appearance of it was added as an afterthought. Making it flush give is a real clean look.

This face is called the Christy, which is characterized by 5 piece flat panel doors that make up the face. It is real easy to change the door style to achieve a different look (see The Shaker, The Smithsonian, The New Yorker, The Christy, The Craftsman)

We put a wardrobe on this one. It has a hanging storage at the top. We also put a drink tray that can be used with the bed or another surface when using the desk. We have drawers on the bottom section.

To transform your home office into a guest bedroom, you just pull on the fixed door knobs. It comes opens very easily and is weightless at a 45 degree angle. Rotate the leg and take it all the way to the ground.

If you notice the depth of it is a little deeper that the normal 16”. We brought this one out to a full 20”.We needed the extra depth for the hanging storage in the bookcases. That extra depth also allowed us to add a deeper headboard. Instead of the standard flat headboard we built a 5” deep headboard. We put grommet in the center for an an alarm clock, phone cord or a small lamp. By lifting the top, the outlets can be reached in the back.

When your guest leave and you are ready for your home office back, just pick the bed back into pace and lower the desk.

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