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Mega Under Bed Storage Solution

Why waste valuable space? Under the bed could be the most wasted space in your home. Normally a bed with a steel frame or side rails will only give you about 6” of space to slide stuff under the bed, and then you forget about it. Box springs are another part that is just taking up value space. Most mattress companies have eliminated the idea of “springs” in the box springs and have what they call “foundations”. Foundations are built to look like box springs but have no value except to space up the mattress. If that is the case, then why not get rid of those too.

This 18” high drawer pedestal did just that. It is the ultimate storage solution. I call the 18” high version the Captain's Height Drawer Pedestal. This is a platform bed we built in April 2017. It has 5 drawers on each side, a couple of the drawers being extra high and doubled up. If you think about it, this is like having two dressers under bed. Actually it is even better. Most dresser have drawers that are only around 14” deep into the cabinet. These drawers are a full18” deep and this customer had us use Full Extension rails, which allows the drawer to be pulled out the full 18 inches.

Theses drawer pedestals can be added to most bed or have our craftsmen build you a headboard or bed of your design.

More on All our Drawer Pedestals.

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