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Built For a King

Not many Murphy bed manufacturers will tackle the job of a king size Murphy bed with raised panel doors. This is called our Excalibur style. What set this one apart from our other Murphy bed styles is the eyebrow arched tops on the raised panel doors, the fluted side molding, and rosettes in the corners.

The Excalibur also features Standard Crown and Standard Base moldings. Notice in the video or last picture we have added a light kit. The light kit is our own creation. It has a 3 stage touch dimmer and a tilt switch that turns off the lights when the bed is closed.

An added design feature built into the king size Excalibur is a wider door rails and stiles. This served two purposes. One, the wider doors cosmetically enhance the appearance. Two, it was a needed element. A wider center panel creates unwanted expansion and contraction. Therefore, we had to keep the center panel at a manageable size and only expand the rails and stiles.

The bookcases are a common 16" width featuring two drawers, a drink tray on the bottom, and adjustable shelves on top.

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