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Cherry Wall Unit with a Secret

This custom wall unit was built for a customer using Cherry wood. A wall unit is a bed headboard that is wider than the bed itself. It usually has bookcases on the side, mirrors and light bar.

This one I call it the Strahm Wall Unit after the customer. The customer wanted it a little taller than the 84” to 87” that most wall unit bedroom groups are built. This one is 90” tall. We added frosted glass to the piers, accent LED lighting and sliding doors on the headboard.

An extra we put on this was a secret door in the Pillow Stop of the headboard. We matched the grain up to hide its location even more. When open you have access to the electrical plug, but it also is a nice place to have quick access to your guns. (not recommended to store guns unlocked if children are in the household)

The pedestal on this one is a Captain’s height with 5 drawer on one side and 3 drawers on the other. We

normally build this with 6 drawers on side. More on Captain's pedestal.

Check out the video

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