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Frank Lloyd Wright Murphy Bed

This murphy bed was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright and his designs. It was built in November 2016. It features a stay level desk. As it transitions into a bed the desk stays level and everything can stay on there as long as it is under 8 1/2” tall. More info on the Frank Lloyd Wright Bed.

The Murphy Bed lights are outset. This is a new design for us. Normally they are inside the bed section but I wanted these over the desk. In doing that I was also able to bring the bookcases out deeper. Total depth is 20”, bookcases are 18” deep (the stand away from the back wall for the outlets.

All our beds are custom made. Which means we can build one to your specifications including size, wood type and color. Send us a quote request if you are interested in one of our beds.

TV Stand

We also made a matching TV stand. We put a pull out behind the doors for a printer and the top drawer holds extra paper. The doors match the Frank Lloyd Wright inspired doors used on the Murphy bed.

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