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Distressed Gray Boat Bed

Boat bed gray

This is a boat bed we built for a customer in November 2016. It is actually the second identical boat bed for this customer. The distressing we did was some wormholes and rub throughs. In the headboard we added two curio lights and put a push button switch on the headboard. We also cut a couple 1 1/2" holes for other alarm clock or other chords to pass.

The bow of the boat is a toy box. Some of the safety features we put on there is a lid support to protect those fingers and vent holes to protect those little brothers from being stuffed in there (I was a big brother once).

The last extra we put on here was the pair of porthole one each side. Normally they are added to the the siderail, but these were added to the bow.

For more building pictures see my Current Projects page or I have 6000+ pictures divided by month in my Picture Archives.

Boat bed trundle

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