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King Murphy Bed with "Stay-Level" Desk

This is a Murphy bed that was finished up in January 2017. I call it the Templeton Murphy bed. The Templeton is characterized by four shaker style door sections on the front. This is a King size and it takes a standard 76" x 80" mattress. Even though It is a very heavy front being a King size, it is very easy to operate. The desk adds even more weight but still opens effortlessly. This is desk is a twenty-eight inch deep desk. Six inches deeper than my standard twenty-two inch desk.

On this particular one we added corner bookcase with adjustable shelves on one side. The other side we put another bookcase with double doors on the mid section and a pull-out drink tray which can actually use as an extension to the work-surface of the desk. The drawers on the bottom have hanging file folder system build into them. I cut out the top of the drawer to accept standard hanging folders.

To operate the bed you can leave everything on the desk as long as it is eight and a half inches or lower. A laptop used on the desk may have to be closed. The desk effortlessly slips under the bed, while staying level.

We have a three-stage touch dimmer added to the side. I pulled the lights to the outside instead of putting them inside. Now you can use these lights with both the desk section or the bed section.

Watch the video to see how easy it opens.

For more on this and other Murphy beds with "Stay-Level" visit our Murphy Desk page.

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