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Pivoting Bookcase Murphy Bed

This is a bookcase system that we just competled in March 2017. It may look like six bookcases with about 36 shelves. It is not what it looks like. We have a surprise behind the four center bookcases. We put a Murphy bed.

Most of our Murphy beds are what they call Panel Beds where the face comes down with the bed. Of course we can’t do that on a bookcase, everything will fall off. Another system that is use is where the door system opens and pivots out of way. The problem with the door system is with the wide swing of the door. On a full it is almost 30 inches wide (half the width). When it pivots around 30 inches will be needed on the side of the Murphy bed and thus take up a lot of space.

On this Bookcase Murphy bed we solved that problem of the wide swing and also solved the problem of the bookcases facing the wrong direction. We split the bookcase in half and had it bi-fold. Basically it opens it up, breaks in half and leaves the half the bookcase facing forward. The murphy bed is revealed behind the bookcases.

See how it works:

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