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Contempo Murphy Bed

This is a Murphy bed we competed in March 2017. We call it the Contempo. The Contempo is normally a real contemporary design. It is characterized by two large doors on the face.

This customer choose to have one bookcase only on the left side. The bookcases normally are shorter than the bed section and back set from the front slightly. And normally on our bookcases we make the bookcase a little shorter then murphy bed bed itself and backset it a little bit. This one was built the entire height and flush it with the front. Doing that also allowed us to bring the crown all the way across in one piece. We did the same with the base molding. On the configuration of the bookcase we did adjustable shelves on the top, three drawers on the bottom with a drink tray that can be used with the bed.

We installed our inset lights with a three stage touch dimmer on the headboard. The dimmer has a low, medium, high and then of settings. We also put a mercury switch connected to the bed to shut the power off when it is in the closed position.

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