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Single Pedestal Desk

This is a custom desk that I built. It's a single pedestal desk. I built the side panels with the post and panel design.

We matched the customer's existing furniture. We matched the top design with a bullnose edge, the routered edge on the drawer fronts. We were not able to get an exact match on the wood drawer pulls, but got real close.

We had a space constraint and was limited to about 42" in the width. We made this desk 42" wide, 18" deep and 29" tall. Since we had the space constraint on the width we wanted as much leg room as possible. Me made the drawers as small as possible. They required we had at least room enough for some paper to fit in the top drawer. We modeled the drawer section width on that requirement. The bottom drawer I put a hanging file system in it. This is a way I build the drawer that allows hanging file folder to set in there without the bulky mechanism that you normally need.

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