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Murphy bed and Sofa | Marriott

This is a Murphy bed that I finished up in March 2017. We call it the Marriott Murphy Bed. I call it that because the first one I built was for the Marriott hotels chain. The Marriott Murphy bed is characterized by 3” molding and the doors are subdivided into four quadrants.

The really cool part to this is the Murphy Bed sofa. I built the arms to match the rest of the bed. All you have to do to use the bed is remove the cushions. Then pull the bed down.

The bed is real easy to operate and is very lightweight.

I put LED lights in this one. They are outset Murphy Bed lights so they can be used with the bed closed or the bed open. There is a three stage touch sensor that controls the lights. I put a dual switch on this one. The touch plate is on the side, for use when the bed is close and there is also one on the headboard as well, to be used while lying in bed.

To regain your space again and get your sofa back just lift it up. Close it up. Put the cushions back.

If you also notice one thing that we did also we made a six inch thick vertical on this one. This is to have the dead space for the arms so the arms don’t interfere with the bed opening of if you have bookcases on the side. This one did not have it but we can also turn those into inset bookcases where you have a little bit of storage room on the inside. Follow the link for the Marriott to see the inset bookcases example.

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