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Coolest Game Room Furniture

Is this a locker or murphy bed? Actually it is both. What we did was to put a five locker unit with working lockers on the side and three center lockers being false.

Game Room Murphy Bed

I built it in February 2017. This is from our Locker Murphy Bed series and what I did was take a Murphy bed. I Added some numbers and vents at the top and bottom. I also added nameplates. With the nameplates the customer can put their name on it or any name you like.

We finish it out in the team colors. We have all the college teams, Major League Baseball, NFL, NHL. If it is a collage or a professional team we probably have the color swatch for it. From there the customer usually can go online or go to a sports shop and they find wall art they can add to the front. To more personalize it if they’d like.

On this one the three center sections pull down for the bed. The outside doors are a truly working lockers. The top section we did adjustable shelves in this one. We also did pull out drawers in the bottom section and what I call a dirty shoe cubby on the bottom.

The bed operation is very easy to use. It is totally countered balance and will float at about a 45 degree angle.

I put lights with a touch sensor on the headboard. It has a low, medium, high and then off settings. I also put a tilt switch to automatically shuts off when it is in the closed position.

Use the bed and when you need more space in the room, lift the bed and you have your room back again.

There is different configurations that we can put with this. This customer actually choose to have only one bookcase with the three false face panels for the bed.

The video and pictures will show an extra bookcase that I put on there just for the demonstration purposes. The bookcases don’t have to be with the bed. They can be put in another part of the room and have the bed section by itself. At the end of the video, I’ll show some different configurations that can be used.

Come by WWBeds Custom Furniture at 3524 Camp Robinson Road in North Little Rock, Arkansas for a demonstation.

Watch how it is transformed

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