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Large Panel Headbaord

This is a WWBeds Custom Furniture, custom large panel headboard that we just completed for a customer in April 2017. It is massive. It may not look that way because of the proportions because it is a king size. It measures about 96” tall, 76” wide. To get a better idea of how large it is watch the video to get a better perspective.

The headboard is separate from the bed and mounts to the wall. It mounts similar to way hotel headboards mount, with french cleats.

We put a light bar at the top which is controlled by a touch dimmer. You have low, medium, high and then off again. The lights can be controlled from either side of the bed. The touch plates are on both sides of the headboard.

The material used on the headboard is the customer's supplied vinyl. Our customers seem to like shopping for the material locally. Being able to touch, feel and see in person what it will be.

We put a platform this headboard. It’s an overhang platform, with a ledge around the parameter. This is great for having a place to put your shoes on or to sit. We could have used a slat syst

em to hold a standard boxsprings and mattress, but built this one was left open for an adjustable mechanism. The mattress will be able to lift the head and feet. That is one great advantage for going custom. We can take any style and built it for any application like on this adjustable mechanism.

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