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Sideways Murphy Bed

This is a sideways murphy bed. WWBeds Custom Furniture built it in February 2017. I built it sideways because the customer had a low knee wall in a third floor attic. Height limiatations is one reason to order a horizontal murphy bed, but there may also be restrictions on how far the bed can open up into the room. This example had both. Since this we placed in a board room the conference table and chairs would have been too close for the normal projection.

The reason we put it in the board room was the older house was converted into a business and they needed space for their kids to rest while at work.

I call this face style the Templeton. It is a shaker style face divided into 4 false door sections.

Here is a video demonstrating it in our show room during one of the quality control checks. We set the bed up before delivery to make sure everything fits nicely.

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