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Built-in Bookcase Look | One Hour Install

The problem with built-in pieces of furniture whether it be a built-in desk, wall unit or bookcases, is you don't want someone at your house for days. We've come up with a solution; make it look built in.

How do we do that? We build the parts in sub-units. These sub-units share a face frame, which ties it all together. I keeps if from looking like a bunch of bookcases just stacked together. See demonstration in the video. We didn't need it in the example, but if the unit was designed to go wall-to-wall we can add trim on the sides. Using this process allows our customers to install something like this themselves or, if they are local, our crew would take up less than an hour of the customers time.

This is a custom bookcase I just finished up in April 2017. This is one I built for a local customer. They had an entertainment center that they wanted to match but they couldn’t find one to match. We were able to give them the size that they wanted. This one is about 96” wide. We matched the top molding, the mid-molding, and the bottom molding. We also matched the doors in a way. The doors they had were a glass style in a wood frame. They wanted something with a solid panel so we matched the cross design and came up with a door that would match that.

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