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Nautical Boat Bed

This is a boat bed we just finished. It was completed in June 2017.

Instead of the normal paint scheme we do, we built this one out of Oak wood. We stained it contrasting colors. Red Chestnut on the darker colors and Golden Pecan on the lighter stain colors. Some other feature we put on this one was the lights. We put lights in the top with a push button switch in the middle of the headboard. We also put a steering wheel on the front. We put three portholes down each side. We also put three drawers on each side for extra storage. We always do storage in the toy box in the front. One change we did different was make the bow detachable. If you don’t have a lot of room, you can slide it out of the way and still have the Nautical theme toy box in another part of the room. The bed is then a shorten version. We also built the case goods. We have the matching Nightstand and dresser.

Wood type: Red Oak

Finish: Red Chestnut and Golden Pecan

(more on stain colors)

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