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Christy Murphy bed and Hidden Desk

This is a Murphy bed that I just finished. I call this one the Christy. The Christy is characterized by the flat panel door arrangement.. The mechanism that I use on this is the Create-a-bed Mechanism and it is one of the only ones that I am able to adapt and change the inner structure so that the desk can fold inside and make it look like one bank of doors. First you have to clear off the desk. Then you fold the desk up, in to place. Lock it into place.

One thing that I've done differently on this one is the Murphy Bed Bookcases. I brought the bookcases out slightly from the face of the Murphy bed. This is because I needed some extra inside depth for hanging rod and clothes storage. In this example I configured one with a hanging rod. On this side I configured it with adjustable shelves. I have the rod in both sides and adjustable shelf holes in both sides as well.

The bed is easy to use. Basically just pull it open. It is very lightweight. Rotate the leg around and take it to the ground.

I also built an entertainment center. It has the pullout drawers a door with adjustable shelves behind the door.

More information on this bed and others just visit this product page. More on the Christy

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