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Locker Murphy Bed

This is a Murphy bed that we just finished. It's from our locker series. What we do in the locker series is take a Murphy bed and design the face of it look like a group of lockers.

For this one, we added working lockers to the right side. This customer wanted only wanted one. What is great about the lockers with a closed doors is you can not tell when it is not symmetrical. We made the side bookcase eighteen and a half inches wide. This is the same size as the false doors on the face of the Murphy bed. We used a 270 degree hinge to allow the door to open back all the way. This was also a special request from the customer. Normally I use a concealed 170 degree hinge. Inside we put adjustable shelves on the top section, two drawers in the mid-section, and what I call a "dirty shoe" cubby on the bottom.

We also put an eighteen and a half inch high bookcase on the top for added storage space. We have four doors up there as well. With the upper bookcase and the side bookcase that gives us a total of 78 inches wide by 103 3/4 inches tall on this full size Murphy Bed.

The bed is very easy to open, just pull on the handles. Its very light-weight and is totally counter-balanced. Rotate the leg and when you take it to the ground a small amount of weight is put back on the legs. We also put

LED lights in this bed. It has a touch sensor with low, medium, high and then off again. The lights also automatically shut of when the bed is closed.

More on this Locker Bookcase check out our Locker Murphy Bed page.

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