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New Yorker Murphy Bed

Here at WWBeds Custom Furniture, we like to call bed the "New Yorker".

The New Yorker is characterized by the applied molding we added to the door system.

On this murphy bed, we added bookcases to both sides. The 20" bookcases brings the total width to about 108'. In the bookcases, we put adjustable shelves on the top section, two drawers on the lower with a pull out drink tray.

The drink tray can be used as an extension to your work surface with the desk or it could be used when the bed is down and used as a nightstand.

To use the bed, clear off the desk and fold the desk into the face panel by lifting it up into place and lock it. With the desk up becomes part of the door system and looks like a bank of doors. To bring down the bed, you just pull the handles. It's very lightweight and easy to open. The leg rotates around to support the bed.

We put a 3 stage touch dimmer with the light system. The switch is in the middle of the headboard with a three stage touch dimmer. It has high, medium, low setting. As a safety feature, the lights will also automatically shut off when it's in the closed position.

The overall size of the hugh unit along with the side bookcases on the side and the 20" high bookcase on the upper section, gives it a total height of 108" with a width of 108" But the great part is it only takes up 16" of depth when it is all closed. up.

If you'd like more info on this New Yorker Murphy bed from WWBeds Custom Furniture. Follow the links below:

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