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Templeton with Stay Level Desk

We call this Murphy Bed the Templeton. The Templeton is characterized by the four mission or shaker-style doors across the front. These doors actually match the customer's existing entertainment center, both the larger doors and the smaller ones with the divided panels.

The bookcase is a hybrid bookcase. What we did was to take the benefits of both a corner bookcase and a standard bookcase. What is nice about a corner bookcase is space that is saved. Since this bookcase will be at the entrance of room, it softens the flow into the room. It slopes back so its has a softer feel to it. Doesn't feel so enclosed. The disadvantage of a corner bookcase is you lose a lot of shelf space. For that reason we added a bottom section that comes out perpendicular like a standard bookcase. This gives increased storage and the ability to add a pull out drink tray.

This Murphy Bed's drink trays that can be used with both the desk and the bed section. An extension to the desk when the desk is in use or a night stand with the bed down.

The desk is called a stay-level desk, everything can stay as long as its 8 1/2 inches or lower. No need to clear it off each time the bed is needed. The operation is so smooth you can even keep a full glass on the desk as it moves.

To use the bed, just pull on the pulls. Its very lightweight, very easy to open up. Rotate the leg and take it all the way to the ground. We put the lights on the outside of the cabinet. This keeps them over the desk. They can also be used with the bed. The touch sensor for the low, medium, high and off settings is in the middle of the headboard and on the side.

More information on this Murphy bed or any other check out our website at

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