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Ensemble Bed

These are a couple custom twin beds that we just finished here at WWBeds. I call these the Ensemble Beds.

Normally when we put drawers under a bed, they are attached as a separate unit. Typically either under the platform or under the side rails. For these beds, we built them as a complete unit.

We can put drawers on just one side as shown or both sides. With the one side, the other side is just a flat solid panel. I can also put doors at the foot with drawers that pulls out vertically rather than horizontally. There are so many configurations that we can build this in, so let one of our crew know your what you have in mind.

The drawers boxed are really well built. They're made out of Baltic Birch and we use true quarter inch bottoms. Standard rails are high quality side mount rail. We also have an option for full extension, ball barring rails.

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