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Modified Templeton Murphy Bed

This is another murphy bed that we just finished here at WWBeds Custom Furniture. We call this Murphy Bed the Templeton. Actually it is a modified version of the Templeton.

The Templeton is characterized by four long doors that have a "shaker-style" look. If we used oak that would give it more of a mission or a craftsman style. The modification we did to this one, at the request of the customer, was to add a center rail to subdivide the doors in half. The customer also brought in their own pulls that we installed.

We added the mission crown at the top and the mission base at the bottom.

To open the bed is easy, simply pull on the handles. It is very lightweight and very easy to open. Rotate the leg and take the bed to the ground.

Inside the bed, we put a LED light system. The light system provides a three stage touch dimmer on the headboard. It allows the light to go from a high, medium, and low level of brightness. We also put an automatic cutoff switch as a safety feature when you close it up.

For more information on this Templeton or any of our murphy beds check out the links below

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