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Templeton Built in Murphy Bed

This is a murphy bed that we just finished in August 2017. We call this one the Templeton.

The Templeton is characterized by the Mission or the Shaker style doors on the front. If we used Oak wood it would be more of a mission or Craftsman style to it.

On this one, we added a stay-level desk. With this desk everything 8 1/2 inches or lower can stay on the desk as it transitions into the bed. A big focus on this Templeton Murphy bed is on the Murphy Bed Bookcases. This Customer wanted more of a built in look. They had 115 inches to work with. We came in 3/4 on each side from their wall, added scribe molding to the bookcase and also added the same overlapping face frame between the bed and the bookcases to get the cleaner look. But on the other side we have the 3/4 gap between the customer's wall and the bed here. That will be covered with the same trim as the rest of the bed. Along with the added trim, we also made the crown and base molding longer than the bed so the customer can cut it off at the exact length needed.

To use the bed, you will need to remove or close anything that is above the 8 1/2 inch mark. After everything is cleared, pull on the handles, it's very lightweight. Rotate the leg around and take it to the ground. As you open the bed, you'll notice that the lights automatically come on. We put LED lights inside the bed with a three stage touch dimmer. As a safety feature, the lights automatically shut off when closing the bed.

To close it, you do the same thing as you did to open it, but in reverse. Rotate the leg and the lights will go off.

For the bookcases, we put adjustable shelves on the top section and three drawers at the bottom with a pull out drink tray. This drink tray is great to use with the desk as an extension to the desk or if you're using the bed, it can use it as a nightstand.

More info on the Templeton Murphy Bed with a stay-level desk from WWBeds Custom Furniture check out our website or give us a call at 501-753-9699. Templeton Murphy Bed Link

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