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Manhattan Murphy with Stay-Level Desk

This is another custom murphy bed from WWBeds Custom Furniture. We call this one the Manhattan with a stay level desk. The Manhattan Murphy Bed face is characterized by two large contemporary style doors. On this specific bed, we put bar pools on the face, but the customer can choose whatever hardware they would like.

The Murphy bed bookcases are what we like to call "Outset bookcases". That just means we extended the bookcases out past the face of the bed. This allows some extra room inside the cabinets for things such as a printer, music system or hanging rod for clothes.

The bookcase has a mid door and a bottom door along with adjustable shelves at the top. We added a drink tray, which is normally used for the bed but can use it with the desk section. This greatly increases the work surface as a desk extension.

The Murphy Bed desk is one of the unique things on the Manhattan as well, it stays level as it transitions into the bed. No need to clear it off. You can even leave a a full drink on the desk top. Anything 8 1/2 inches or lower can stay on there.

To open the bed, you just pull on the handles. The bed is very light-weight and easy to open. It is totally weightless at about a 45 degree angle. The leg Rotates from the inside.

We added lights to this bed that are also outset to match the bookcase. Therefore, they can be used when the bed is in the open or closed position. The control for the lights us a touch sensor on the headboard and also the right side panel.

To close the bed, just lift it up and rotate the leg back around. And you'll see that the lights are still shining over the desk!!

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