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Gray Manhattan Murphy Bed with Desk

This is a Murphy Bed that we custom built at WWBeds Custom Furniture. We like to call this one the Manhattan, which is characterized by the two large contemporary style doors on the face.

We have built this style Murphy Bed before, but some additional special features we've added would be the stay-level desk and the out-set lights.

Outset Lights

What we do for the out-set lights is we extend the header so that we can push the lights out further from the inside. They can now be used with the desk or it could be used when the bed is open as well. We installed two touch switches to the bed, one on the outside and one on the inside. They both have a three-stage touch dimmer - low, medium, high and then off again. The inside touch plate is in the middle of the headboard, while the one on the outside is on the right vertical. More on Murphy Bed Lights

Stay Level Desk

One thing that is unique about the stay level desk is that everything can stay on it while it transitions into the bed. You can even leave your hot coffee sitting there, anything as long as it is eight and a half inches or lower.

To open the bed, pull on the handle. the bed is very lightweight and easy to open. Rotate the leg and take it to the ground. To close it up, you do the same thing but in reverse. Lift it up, rotate the leg and close it up.

For more information on the Manhattan Murphy Bed with the stay-level desk and the outset lights visit our web site:

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