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Massive Murphy Bed with Stay Level Desk

This is another Murphy Bed completed by the crew at WWBeds Custom Furniture. We call this style the Alpine. The alpine is characterized by the four contemporary style flat doors as the face. We added bar pulls to this bed, but the customer can chose whatever pulls they want.

We designed this one with outset lights. These lights can can be used with the desk, when the bed is closed, or when the bed is in use. We put two touch sensors on this bed. One on side of the left bookcase and one in the middle of the headboard. The touch sensor has a low, medium, high and off again. Since we want to use the lights in both the open and closed position, we did not add the shut of switch to kill the power when closed.

One of the most exciting features about this bed is the desk system. The desk is a stay level desk. Everything eight and a half inches or smaller can stay on the desk, including your drink. Since it stays level, nothing falls off. We also added desk extensions in the bookcases for extra space. This can be used with the desk or the bed and drink trays.

The operation of the bed is easy just pull on the handle and it comes down with ease. Before you do that, make sure anything that is taller than eight and a half inches is removed or closed. The bed is very lightweight and easy to open. The leg rotates from the inside.

The bookcases on this project are about 22 inches wide, which gave a total of 111 inches wide on the unit. With the outset lights we were able to make the bookcases extra deep. This gave our client enough room for printers or any other electronics that you may want to keep out of sight. We also added upper bookcases to this bed. The upper bookcases are around 23 and a half inches tall, which gave us a total of 114 inches in overall height.

To get back to our work is as simple as closing the bed. Your work will still be here.

For more pictures of this bed visit the Alpine with Stay level Desk page. You can also find more styles that use the Stay Level Desk.

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