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King Templeton White

This is a Murphy Bed just out of the WWBeds Custom Furniture shop. We call this one the Templeton. The Templeton is characterized by the shaker style doors on the face of the bed. We also put our mission style molding to add a more shaker look as well.

Mission and shaker styles are real similar in their overall appearances. Both are a simplistic, minimalistic design that focuses on straight lines and function. The big difference is the wood used. When we think of Mission style, we think about oak wood and with Shaker we think a less heavier grain of Maple or cherry and in this case painted.

This specific bed is a king size, so it's a little wider than the typical Murphy bed. Even though it is wider, the operation is still very easily.

To make this murphy bed better suited for the Home Office this customer requested a Stay Level Desk. Everything can stay on the desk that is eight and a half inches or lower. So there's no need to totally clear off your desk!

As you begin to open the bed, you'll begin to notice that it is very lightweight. The leg Rotates from the inside to keep the face clean of any leg blocks.

We can install lights such as our standard lights, LED lights, and outset lights. The customer choose not to have lights but with the lights a touch sensor is added to the middle of the headboard. There will also be a control box that will kill the power when closed.

This king bed takes a standard 76" x 80" mattress and can use any standard king that is 12" thick or smaller.

With this custom designed murphy bed We kept this customer from having to settle with a "cookie cutter" piece of furniture and gave them exactly what they want!

Style: Templeton with Stay Level desk #123-1017

Wood: Maple

Finish: Pure White Lacquer

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