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Barn Door Murphy Bed

This is a Murphy Bed we just finished in September 2017. We call this one the Barn Door Murphy Bed. We've built this on before in a Vertical (upright) version. See Vertical Version. This time we built it in the horizontal orientation, where the bed is turned sideways. We kept the overall standard queen vertical height of 90 1/4", to use the full height bookcases on each side.

These bookcases are what we call a "buffet" style bookcase. We bring the bottom section out slightly so the customer is able to have a surface area to work on. We also push the top section back to the normal 12 inch bookcase depth. On these bookcases, we put glass doors on the top half with a key lock and adjustable shelves on the inside. Another feature is the pull out drink tray or work surface that can be used with the sofa or when the bed is out. For the bottom half of the bookcases, we made smaller barn door with the adjustable shelves on the inside.

We did a lot of distressing on this murphy bed. We put in gouge marks, worm holes, burns and other wear that would normally occur on older furniture.The videos and pictures don't give it justice. It is hard to capture that in pictures. This murphy bed has so much detail that it looks even better in person.

To use the bed, you would need to remove the cushions. One of the great things about this sofa is you do not have to move the sofa frame to use the bed. Inside the sofa base, we added the optional storage. Great place put your extra linens.

Opening the bed is easy, just pull on the handles in the center of the bed. Its very lightweight. The lights on the bed automatically come on when it begins to transition into the bed position. The bed is counterbalanced and will hover when partially open. It is designed to have more weight when down and pull harder into the cabinet when closed. We put a three stage touch dimmer in the middle of the headboard so you'll have the low, medium, high levels for the lights. The lights are a new addition to the Horizontal versions.

The upper bookcases fill the space between the bed, when closed and the normal height of a vertical Murphy bed. We put adjustable shelf in each section.

More info on the Barn Door Murphy bed follow this link or give us a call at 501-753-9699.

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