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Dry Erase Conference Table

This is a very unique conference table we just finished at WWBeds. It is a conference table that is approximately 120 inches long by about 48 inches wide. It has what is called a Boat Shaped top. It slightly tapers at the two ends from 48" in the center to 36 inches at each end.

This customer requested power and a way to connect to their monitors and other peripherals. We added an electrical outlet in the center that also has an HDMI and USB connector. There is a wiring chase underneath and down the center to hide those wires.

One very unique feature about this table is the material use to build it. We used a dry erase High Pressure Laminate (HPL). You know how your parents always told you "Do not write on the furniture"? Well on this table you can. You can take meeting notes, draw graphs, anything that could increase productivity in meeting.

Size: 120"l x 48"w x 29"h

Substrate material: Maple plywood, Poplar and MDF

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