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Craftsman Twin Murphy Bed with Desk

This is a Murphy Bed that our shop finished back in September 2017. It's part of our inset desk series. What's great about our Inset Desk series, is the desk is able to lift up out of the way. Therefore, you can have extra room in your guest bedroom, home office, or wherever you decide to put your murphy bed. Not only that but it blends into the face door design.

Check out the video and watch how the leg becomes part of false door face.

This style murphy bed is called the "Craftsman Murphy Bed". It's characterized by the mission style doors and drawer fronts. To stay with that theme I added Mission style Crown molding and Mission base.

To open the bed, you will pull on the handles in the center of the bed. It's very lightweight and very easy to open up. Next, you will rotate the leg and take the bed to the ground. You can use it in a guest room or its designed to be put up and down every day, so you can use it in a main room as well.

We used the Create-a-bed murphy bed mechanism on this bed. This was the only mechanism that really allowed me to adjust the inner frame to where we could put the desk into the cavity, so it looks flush with the face of the murphy bed. It also allowed us to micro-adjust the mechanical leverage needed to lift the murphy bed into place. Since we added the desk, its heavier than a normal twin. We wanted to be able to micro-adjust it for a perfect lift.

For more on this check out our website or visit our Showroom and Workshop:

WWBeds Custom Furniture

3524 Camp Robinson Road

North Little Rock, AR 72118


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