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Storage Lift Bed

This is another bed we recently completed from the WWBeds Custom Furniture shop. It is actually a first for us. It's called the storage lift bed. We built this in October 2017. What we did was to take an 18 inch tall pedestal, put a platform on top of it. WE used a piston mechanism to assist in the lift for storage under the king mattress.

Its very easy to operate. This is a king size so even a heavier mattress can open with ease. You can use this extra space for bulk storage, seasonal items, basically whatever you'd like. It is so easy to access, you could use it for daily items as well.

This specific mechanism version of the bed uses bentwood slats that fully support the king mattress only. No box spring required. We can build it with the Bent Wood slats or with the solid platform, depending on the specific application.

More on this product see our product page or contact us by filling out a Quote Request Form.

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