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Covert Sliding Bookcase Headboard

Sometime concealment is the best protection. If a thief doesn't know somethings there then they don't know to take it. That is what we've done with this headboard. We like to call this style headboard the Covert Sliding Bookcase Headboard.

What we did is to start with a headboard that we normally build and change it up a little. This Sliding Bookcase Headboard, has three compartments and sliding doors on the front. The base of the headboard was modified. We added a hidden door behind where the pillows would be. The pillows cover it and we also took great care to make sure the wood grain continues between the door and the rest of the base to make it even more concealed.

We added a keyed lock. Since it is made of wood it is not a safe, but the lock is there to protect if there may be children in the home and to keep "honest people" out.

This customer needed forty inches for their weapon so we made sure there was plenty of room for that. We also added some more hidden compartments for them. On the sides of the secret compartment, we have false panels that slide out for smaller items.

For more information on the Covert Sliding bookcase headboard check out the link below. If you want a design quoted that you've come up with check out our Quote Request page.

Design Ideas

Most of our projects are designed for specific customers and sometimes we don't get to just make something for the fun of it, so here are a few ideas we'd like customers to choose in future projects

-RFID lock that unlocks the compartment with an FOB to open

-Thicker dividers between the 3 compartments that open to revile enough room for money or handgun storage (Since the sliding doors will cover the divider at all times it would be hard to tell how thick it is)

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