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Marco Platform Bed

Clean lines and classic look of the beadboard makes this bed a great addition to our furniture line. That is before we add in the storage features. This is another creation from our shop. We like to call this one the Marco Platform.

We have built the Marco headboard several times before, but this customer wanted something slightly different. We sent them a couple drawings in which we changed the arch a little and they liked the 7 inch drop better. Since our customers can get the furniture exactly the way they want it, we did a custom spacing of the bead board V-grooves. We did a double line about every 4 inches.

On the platform, instead of doing just a flat platform as we normally do, we added a small frame. The frame gives the bed a slightly different look. Again giving the customer what they want.

The drawer pedestal is a 14 high princess drawer pedestal. Normally we put three drawers on each side. For this customer, we eliminated the drawer at the head of each side because the customer wanted to use a nightstand that would interfere. Did you know we give our customers what they want!

On the drawers, we upgraded to the full extension ball bearing rails. This gives you a full 18 inches of travel. There are also identical drawers on the other side. At the foot of the bed, we put another drawer. This drawer is a 60 inch long drawer that pulls out from the foot. Its great for some seasonal items or just about whatever you want to put in there. Yet again, what they want.

If you are wanting us to build you something the way you want it, check out our web site or give us a call. Don't settle for cookie cutter furniture. Get exactly what you want!

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