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Gothic Arch Murphy Bed

This is a Gothic Arch style murphy bed we finished in November 2017. The Gothic Arch is characterized by the pointed arch or sometimes called the lanced arch. This style was made popular during the late middle ages in a lot of architecture of that time.

We have built this style a couple of times, but one of the unique things about this specific bed is the addition of the stay-level desk and the 24 inch bookcases.

On the Murphy Bed Bookcases, we went to the full height and brought them out flushed with the face of the murphy bed. We installed adjustable shelves for the top section, a pull-out tray in the center and also two drawers on the bottom. The pull out tray can be used as additional work surface with the desk or when the bed is in use a drink tray or nightstand.

This customer had us add a key lock with a hanging file drawer system the the drawers. The hanging file drawers are built in a unique way. We incorporate the hanging system into drawers so there is not a need for racks or anything like that.

To use the bed it is real easy to make the transition from office space to sleep spack. There is no need to clear the desk. Anything 8 1/2 inches or lower can stay because the desk will stay level as it moves. Even a drink can safely stay.

In the video you'll notice the lights will automatically come on when the bed is opened. There is a kill switch that automatically shuts the lights off when in the closed position. We also add a three stage touch dimmer in the center of the headboard to control the lights.

For more on this bed or others like it contact us or click the links below:

WWBeds Custom Furniture

3524 Camp Robinson Road

North Little Rock, AR 72118


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